Why Karnad hates Naipaul?? What is his problem if Naipaul gets an award?? – Prof. Dr. S. R. Leela

Prof. Dr. S. R. Leela, Hon. MLC writes abt Girish Karnad’s narrow mindedness in today’s Kannada daily Vijayawani.. I’ve translated this so that non- Kannadigas can also read.. Yesterday evening when i met her, i told her that i regularly read her columns in Vijayawani. That is when she asked me to read her writeup regarding Girish Karnad. It is as below,

Girish Karnad’s tirade and disrespect against V. S. Naipaul on being awarded Lifetime Achievement award by Landmark and Literature Alive Institutions at the recent Literature Fest, Mumbai is to be condemned.
The three important issues mentioned by Girish Karnad for his tirade are
* Naipaul has stated that it is a fact that Muslim invaders attacked, destroyed and occupied illegally. His opinions regarding Ayodhya and Babar is not right. Naipaul has been propagating that The Glorious Hindu Past of India has been destroyed.
* It is astonishing that Naipaul has never written about Indian Music in any of his books. He is not an Indian and doesn’t know much about Indianism.
* The Lit Fest organizers, who have awarded Naipaul should answer to a lot of questions.

Babar’s invasion is History now. The day his Military Commander, Mir Baaki destroyed Hindu temples in Ayodhya to build Mosques (1528), Ayodhya issue is controversial. This issue has led to Hindu Muslim standoff from the past 500 years and is still alive. The 2010 Allahabad High Court verdict tried to put an end to this issue. It also asked Archaeological Survey of India to study the background and give proofs related to this. Prof B. B. Lal had submitted to the court all documents and proofs. Dr. Jaya Menon, Prof. Ashok Datta and others have told the court that there was remains of Hindu Temple at Ayodhya.

The remains that have been found in the controversial site resemble Hindu Temple signs and not that of a mosque. This has been clearly told to the court. Girish Karnad reposes a lot of faith in historians such as Romila Thapar and Irfan Habib, who have been propagating that Babar didn’t demolish Hindu Temple at Ayodhya to build the mosque. We are no one to question it. But this Mosque lover, great Historian Karnad didn’t give any statement in the court when it was discussing Ayodhya issue. Reason? We should understand that this historian has no guts to face prosecution. If history is altered as per his whims and fancies, does it become the Truth? Who are the ones who are playing politics in the name of Ayodhya?? Who has to answer all these? I don’t know what to call those people who laugh looking at a dead housefly in someone else’s plate, though their plate carries a dead lizard. [ Libtards]

The issue that Naipaul has not written about Indian Music in any of his books is surprising, says Karnad. Does he know that his statements hasn’t surprised, but has come as a rude shock to many?

When the movement for classical tag for Kannada wad at its fore, what this Jnanapith winning, Intellectual had to say about it is still fresh in the minds of Kannadigas. ” Kannada is still alive. Why do you need Classical tag for Kannada when it’s alive. Sanskrit is dead. Let them bestow classical status on Sanskrit.” Whattay a thinking. It is still worrying a lot of people that this World Famous Intellectual doesn’t know the meaning of Classical Language Status. This Intellectual should know that what has been expressed in Sanskrit, other languages in the world haven’t. Is his Brain dead, he equates Classical status to Death. Dear Girish Karnad, your name is a Sanskrit word, and you are still Alive. You needed Sanskrit basics for your theatre playwright. ‘Hayavadana’, ‘Yayati’, ‘Agni matthu Male’ etc are all Sanskrit based. Your intellect has grown due to a Dead language.

Kannadigas had a rude shock when Karnad was award Jnanapith. They got to know the price of Jnanapith, only then. They understood that to get awards, name and fame, people can stoop to any level. Noted Kannada writer, Chandrashekar Patil reacted to this saying “. The first four Jnanapiths were achieved, the rest were taken.” [ Probably Hellas referring to U. R. Ananthmurthy].

Dear Karnad, Is Naipaul an Indian? Is it true? Are you an Indian? What Indian qualities have you retained to lecture Naipaul?? Is it right on your part to attack a Nobel Laurate when someone is bestowing him with Lifetime Achievement award? Is it right to defame him? Is this your culture? You must be still remembering what Kannadigas and Karnataka’s reaction was? What moral rights do you have, to ask for an explanation from the LitFest organizers for bestowing Naipaul with an award? Are you an Indian?? When M. F. Hussain painted Hindu Gods in a vulgar manner, not only Hindus but a lot many Muslims too opposed it. But what was your reaction then? You went on to say that these people are fundamentalists who are trying to suppress one’s Freedom of Expression. Doesn’t Naipaul have the freedom that Hussain had?? If Hinduism is shown in the dark, it is Freedom of Expression, and when someone points out the Historical truth and writes about Islam, it is questionable, right? Why these double standards???

You criticized Naipaul for visiting a political parties office. Everyone knows which political parties’ street you visit, who you work for, why you do that, what you gain from it, is a known fact. You can be “Biased”, “Partisan”, others shouldn’t!! Why?? Please answer.

When Muslims first came to India, they came to loot, to invade, to occupy Indian land. This fact has been accepted by Islamic Historians. The Loot History of Muhammad Bin Sibkuthgin has been detailed by Al- Baruni in his book Tehkeek- A- Hind. Culturally and wealth wise, ancient Indian cities like Mathura, Somnath, Ayodhya, Ujjain were rich.

Al- Baruni writes in his book: ” Mathura city was within a magnificent Stone Fort. Wherever you see, the city was filled with beautiful, huge, rich temples. The palace that was at the city centre was the most magnificent. Our Sultan was taken aback by that magnificence. He had never come across such a magnificent building, until then. The temple’s cost itself must be some 10 crore Dinars. There were numerous beautiful idols. Out of which, 5 were of pure gold. The eyes of one such idol was made of a big Padmaragamani. The cost of one such Mani itself is more than a lakh Dinars. The other idols weren’t any less. The weight of those 5 idols was itself around 98,300 Thoole( some unit of measurement). The number of silver idols were 200. For about 20 days, we looted all the temples. We demolished some temples completely. We carried 6.5 tonnes of Gold and 50,000 war prisoners from Mathura city alone!”

Al- Baruni in his book Tehkeek- A- Hind, writes about the underground loot of Ghazni’s loot as ” The region was very rich. Wherever you see, it was filled with grains, cereals, fruits, art, wealth and many more. The King’s journey was satisfying and was successful.”

America’s greatest thinker, the author of ‘ Story of Civilization’, Will Duront, said ” The Islamic Invasion of India was the Bloodiest Period.” Romila Thapar is not the only historian. Why do you people act so weird when the truth is told?? To appease whom??

The writer Prof. Dr. S. R. Leela is BJP MLC , Karnataka Legislative Council and teaches at R. V. College.


9 thoughts on “Why Karnad hates Naipaul?? What is his problem if Naipaul gets an award?? – Prof. Dr. S. R. Leela

  1. Thanks Avi! Good attempt and relly nice article. This Girish Karnad is a typical sickular and will never grow mentally or spiritually. Too bad he has wasted one full birth as a Hindu!

  2. Avinash, a near complete translation it is. Very good of you to do so and I am sure that Dr.S.R. Leela would be proud of you .

    Well, Girish Karnad has nefarious motives. He was a culture minister earlier and now he sees an opportunity in the central cabinet by raking up a controversy. He has every right in thinking so because the current cabinet too is a bunch of crooks and a lot not endowed with intelligence. He must have assumed his chance of becoming one amongst the lot of jokers by becoming a cabinet minister for culture which he had adorned before. Since the only way up the current ladder was to solicit criticism, he so chose the Naipaul factor as a stepping stone.

    Any Idiot knowing Indian History (not the ones recorded by the impudent Muslim historians or the Nehru clan) knows very well the destruction and disaster their invasion resulted in Bharat, mostly with the native religious institutions. For Karnad to turn a pretended blind eye to this historical fact only augments the fact that his nefarious intentions stretch far beyond the stupid remark he made against Naipaul.

    British Archaeologists and Historians has contributed to India’s heritage, its discovery, description as well as significance. But very little of these invaluable records have been included in the books of India history, which have only pretensions of scholarships manufactured by the Muslim historians appointed by Nehru. It is recorded that some 3000 temples of ancient India were desecrated but very few of the episodes have found their way into Indian History books. This biased so called history can be described as India’s ignored history!

    To believe into Romilla Thapar’s version of Indian History would be akin to crying for the moon. Hence, it does not demand any response so to speak.

    Thanks for bringing out translations of translation that most need India’s interest now.

    1. Thanx Prashanth sir.. Prof S. R. Leela is such a nice person.. She regularly writes about Hinduism in her columns in Vijayawani.. She has a lot of knowledge.. After meeting her personally, i’ve become a fan of hers..

      I too din know much about Karnad.. Initially was proud of him being a fellow Kannadiga.. Now its very hard to digest that he is an Indian, leave him being a Kannadiga… Probably he got to know Gandhi clan was not impressed by him as he has never been nominated to RS nor did he find his way to the Union Cabinet of UPA.. So he wants to impress them…

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