Mr Yeddy, answer these questions for us-BJP.. Here are the answers. A sincere attempt

These are the answers to the questions that BJP leaders have posed to Shri B. S. Yediyurappaji, Hon. Former CM, Karnataka and President, Karnataka Janatha Party by a KJP, BSY supporter and also BJP Supporter.

* BJP: You swore to wipe the JD(S) after a private complaint was registered against you for which you blamed H D Kumaraswamy. What happened to that?
KJP, BSY Supporter: BSY has never gone soft on HD Kumarswamy or JDS. Its BJP that has gone soft on JDS and Kumaraswamy. Kumaraswamy, one of the kingpins of Illegal Mining was easily let off by BJP CM, DV Sadanada Gowda and only BSY was named, and GoK said they didn’t have any objection to an investigation against BS Yediyurappa. Also, was Dharam Singh and SM Krishna. The whole world knows who is Illegal mining kingpin and who is not.
When BSY proposed to swear by Shri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara against Kumaraswamy, it was BJP leaders who asked BSY to back off from that.

*BJP: Do you remember that L K Advani led a protest when the Governor had recommended President’s rule in Karnataka? Have you forgotten that and why have you resorted to such cheap publicity against Advani?
KJP, BSY Supporter: BS Yediyurappa has time and again made it clear that he holds Advani in a very high esteem. Also, Yediyurappa has never said that Advani didn’t help him when Governor Bharadwaj recommended President’s rule in KARNATAKA. Also, what Advani did not benefit BS Yediyurappa alone. What Advani did was for the sake of BJP and not BS Yediyurappa alone. FYKI, BS Yediyurappa has not foul mouthed Advani. Also, he has tendered a public apology for what Dhananjay Kumar said.

*BJP: Do you remember leading MLA’s to a resort when there was a motion against your back bone V S Acharya in the assembly? Why did you show such disrespect?
KJP, BSY Supporter: Seriously, “motion against your back bone V S Acharya”?? Assuming it to be a typing error, BS Yediyurappa has never shown disrespect to VS Acharya. When VS Acharya expired, BSY paid his last tributes to VS Acharya in Udupi. Also, he spoke about how VS Acharya was with him and how his demise would affect the party and also him. So, the question of BSY disrespecting Acharya doesn’t arise. Also, it was Advani who snubbed BSY in Udupi, when both were there to pay their last tributes.

*BJP: Which court has given you a clean chit in the illegal mining case? If there is a clean chit why don’t you release it to the media?
KJP, BSY Supporter: So, firstly, is this question serious?? Which court has given BS Yediyurappa a clean chit in illegal mining case? Hon. High Court Of Karnataka, thrashed Santhosh Hegde’s Lokayukta Report on Illegal Mining where he has named BS Yediyurappa of alleged misdeeds. The Kar HC has noticed that there was no Natural Justice followed and BSY was not allowed to give his opinions. Also, its a known fact that on whose behest, Santhosh Hegde named BSY for Illegal Mining in his report. Also, it was Sadananda Gowda who transpired against BSY and gave his nod for CBI Investigation against BSY when he clearly let off SM Krishna, HD Kumaraswamy, and Dharam Singh. It was Yediyurappa who took strict action against illegal mining and he banned Iron ore export and we know who sheltered and safe guarded Reddy brothers in BJP.

*BJP: How has Renukacharya become your well wisher today? Wasn’t he the same person who led a dissidence against you twice? At that time it was the same national leaders who saved your government.
KJP, BSY Supporter: But, forgiving one for his wrong doings is always welcome. So when Renukacharya realized his mistake and he apologized, BSY was good enough to forgive him. It was not the national leaders who saved BSY’s government when Renukacharya threatened, BSY met Renukacharya’s demands and inducted him to Cabinet and it was worth it. Because, Renukacharya was an efficient Excise Minister. So one question from my side to BJP, How has ShivanaGouda Nayak, Anand Asnotikar, Nanjundaswamy become dear to BJP when they rebelled against party??

*BJP: You always say you were backstabbed by Kumaraswamy? Today you say the BJP has back stabbed you. Why are there no statements against Kumaraswamy today?
KJP, BSY Supporter: Yes BS Yediyurappa has always said that Kumaraswamy stabbed him in the back, he sticks to what he has been saying then, today and forever. BSY has never gone soft on Kumaraswamy, and will never. Its BJP which has gone soft on JDS and Kumaraswamy. Yes, BJP has backstabbed BS Yediyurappa. They asked him to quit CM post after he was named in Illegal Mining report. His name was cleared by Kar HC and no review petition was filed in SC. But, BJP leaders made sure CBI starts the investigation and targetted BSY.

*BJP: Do you remember that you wanted to quit the party and join a Congress-JD(S) coalition in the year 2005?
KJP, BSY Supporter: BSY has never said he wanted to quit BJP and join CONG-JDS coalition. It was the same media that spreads canards against you, BJP that spread these rumors against BS Yediyurappa. So, its a closed chapter.


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