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Youth form a major section of India’s 120 Crore population. So are they, when it comes to forming India’s Electoral College which decides who should rule the nation, be it Local bodies or the Parliament. The Democratic setup enables everyone to take part in the decision making process in the country, but it must be carefully threaded and it is not that easy as explained in our Social Science textbooks. An important issue that is before us “Should youth take up the challenging job in politics?”
When the answer expected is a big No, I would suggest them to take that challenging Job.
The perception of our generation about politics has never been positive. Though we have few young politicians, they have not been allowed to stretch their wings. The politicians need to open up and promote the young generation into mainstream politics; And youngsters do not refer to the ones in their 20’s with no experience but refer to those in their 30’s or early 40’s with a good mix of energy and experience.
Yes, It is important for Youth to involve themselves in politics, if not active, let it be passive. Well, Life is not only about studying, enjoying with friends, partying or any other activities but it is also about giving back to the society that has given you a lot more than what you deserve. You have grown into an adult passing all stages of adolescence. Family at home, Teachers at School, Friends at College, colleagues at work and society in general are e or the reason for your success and failure, equally. And it’s time for you, me and all the youths here to give back. Like many other job opportunities, even politics is a field where you can work and do something for your people.
On hearing the word Politics, many of us turn our backs and hurl abuses, which is not the right attitude. That doesn’t mean Politics here is worth being praised as many issues like rampant corruption, criminalisation of politics, apathy towards people’s needs; lack of accountability galore our political setup. And that is when we think “When we have so many options to explore, why should we dirty our hands in politics?”
But let us make an effort to reason out where the system failed. We put the blame on the government and our elected representatives whenever we feel that they are not doing their job efficiently; But more than 50 per cent of population does not take part in voting process of our country, who instead would like to spend that Voting Holiday to relax back at home. Thus we have no right to blame anyone except ourselves. We all feel that the system needs to be changed but we don’t want to take the responsibility on our shoulders. We have potential human resources who can change the scenario, but we choose to go abroad for studies and jobs and restrict our lives only to “secured” jobs and settle there permanently.
If we truly believe that the future of our country lies in the hands of the youth than we need to take a step forward. Only youth can change the pace and width of the course of our nation’s progress and make India a global giant. If we want to see a better India it’s time to take charge. It is not intended to mean that old people should leave the political scene and rest. What is wanted is that they should be there but for guidance because they are treasures of invaluable experience.
We have to build a foundation now for a prosperous future. Unless youth take the responsibility and involve in politics at all stages, we cannot expect a nation to grow.
Remember, our country can leap forward only when we take up the responsibility to steer and not by just complaining about the system. Let’s make ourselves useful.
As Che Guevara rightly says, “Power is not an apple that falls from a tree into your lap. Power has to be snatched from people who already have it.”